cardio cabaretâ„¢ – what & how

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

  • cardio cabaretâ„¢ intense interval group fitness programs: interval training being the most efficient time to calorie burning method.
  • It uses all genres of music and all genres of modified simple commom dance moves broken down to the main bodyparts involved, with different levels of timing to the music to create the interval effect.
  • learn the moves half time, then bring them up full time and even double time, then bringing it back down to half time and adding progressively more body nuances that not only work more parts, but more importantly refine the ‘look’ of the move to make it instantly fun and pleasing to do while satisfying all the important fitness principles, resulting in immediately positive feelings.
  • In our world of SUSTAINABILITY, it is wise to look at ones lifestyle in that same spirit. Fitness and well being should be thought about as finding something that one enjoys doing anytime all the time forever!
  • Fad diets and exteme fitness regimes are not only unsustainable but potentially dangerous to our aging zoomers.
  • if you are not enjoying what you are doing then you will not want to do it often enough, you will not want to make it part of your everyday.
  • like breathing, physical fitness is manditory to well being not only in the body but especially in the mind
  • >>>>>> mens sana in corpore sano <<<<<<
  • if it feels good do it! and do then it again always!

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Interval workouts burn more calories. Fast twitch muscles need more energy.

Moving in time to music and remembering simple combinations fires up a multitude of extra brain connections.

Looking good makes you feel good. Enjoyment of rituals results in adhesion to the daily repeating of positive actions. Fifty is the new forty. Sharing a common bond enhances the quality of life. Performing produces adrenaline that in turn augments physical limitations. Laughing and having fun increases your levels of endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline to give you that extra kick during a work out: ditch the red bull and smile!

  • easy to follow familiar famous steps NOT DANCE BUT BETTER
  • great and varied ORIGINAL music selections, from all genres of ORIGINAL music
  • progressively challenging style/combined body part moves OVERALL BODY WORK OUT


ANY aged fit women that are tired of the extreme and unsustainable fitness programs that are geared towards a tough male audience or the repetitive music infused programs. Still wanting to participate in a fitness regime that it’s primary is NOT about before and afters weight loos stories but rather about the enjoyment had out of embracing the fitness program. To create a repeated occurrence resulting in mind and body fitness: “few activities stimulate as wide a variety of brain systems as dancing does: dancing requires everything from coordination and organization to planning and judgement. It requires you to position different parts of your body simultaneously and in synchronicity and move all this along instep with music.”


based on the principle that exercise should be

  • FUN
  • EASY
  • NOT fad based
  • NOT weight/shape obsessed
  • NOT repetitive
  • NOT a rough and ugly military drill style
  • NOT using common premixed fitness music tracks


  • a lot of repeated fun
  • Improved cardio vascular
  • heightened cerebral exercise
  • extended fat burning-
  • NO psychotic focus on weight loss, rather a happy firmer body outcome with a sharper mind