cardio cabaret™ – creator credentials

Prior to launching a career in design Ivana Cappelletto was a dancer, track athlete, soccer player and then became a world class track cyclist. On the National sprint team for the 1983 Universiade, and 4 subsequent world championships with her final year 1987 competing as an Italian (as she poseses a dual citizenship). She was ranked number one track sprinter in Canada for her entire career and maintained a national KILO (standing start kilometre) record for many years after she retired.

Ivana is presently a super active adult preforming in ALL forms of dance that range from Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, to Flamenco and Hip Hop. Her love for good design and branding along with her passion for dance and fitness inspried her to create something that she could enjoy in every aspect of her life.

With a masters degree in design from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano Italy (and a Visual Communication degree from the University of Alberta) Ivana has an extensive history of teaching sessional classes, her design skills at: Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Simon Fraser University, University of Alberta, Capilano College, Vancouver Film School, and Langara College makes her a high grade communicator and enhanced group leader. Not to mention her sense of trend spotting, marketing expertise and exceptional personal style.

Ivana Cappelletto created CARDIO CABARET™ and interval based program that engages all forms of music with stylish moves and combinations. She has created not only a certain ‘show’ apeal in her marketing and apparel but also in the intense steps. The components themselves create an instant gratification: they look good thus resulting in proper form and execution of the exercises. The overall benefit is that positive results of participant retention is achieved, a benefit to the person involved as well as to the facility hosting the class.

The long term results are the overall enjoyment of being fit : not just after a lot of greuling sessions but during every 4 counts of the music!