NEED 10 BCRPA CEC’S?  in ONE 10 hour workshop?

We’ve narrowed down the dates for the workshop (location TBD depending on numbers)

VANCOUVER/SECHELT SUMMER WORKSHOP   JULY 16  & 23 call for info 604 999 9276

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  • 10 hours of physical instruction and class component ‘cooking’ with the entertaining Contessa in Chief, Ivana Cappelletto
  • 77 page training ‘cookbook’ with all the secret ingredients to introduce you to the gourmet cardio class structures. (PDF available via e-mail a week before your training)
  • Instructional Video digital download of course materials.
  • Cardio Cabaret™ exclusive compilation: 16-song iTunes playlist gifted to you to kick start your Cabaret class from ‘curtain-up’ to ‘curtain-call’
  • Contessa Crew discount on Cardio Cabaret™ Couture at the workshop.
    • Continued Contessa discounts on Cardio Cabaret™ Couture
    • PLUS much much more! see www.cardiocabaret/crew for details
  • Certificate of completion
  • WORKSHOP PRIZES and t-shirt give-aways
  • 1 FREE MONTH of CONTESSA CREW™ membership
  • If you opt into the membership it includes:
      • Monthly updates to digitally accessable choreography
      • BI- Monthly gifted iTunes playlist updates : minimum 5 tracks bi-monthly
  • BCRPA- 10 CECs
  • 189$ plus tax